Subject: Re: Swat Kats World
From: Daniel Pawtowski
Date: 9/12/1996 7:55 PM

upgraded their enforcer system to a point where they don't need to call in
the marines every time Dr. Viper or Dark Kat shows up (do you think NYC
could defend from one of those without the National Guard?). They're
technically part of the country, but rarely let the larger gov't interfer
with personal matters, such as laws and law enforcment.

  Hmm.  Not real sure that a national goverment would want to let that
happen- MKC obviously has a *large* economy, and no sane country would 
let a revenue base that large just walk out the door.  Let's speculate 
a little....
  Say, MKC was something like a nightmare cyberpunk version of New York-
run-down, crime-ridden, etc.  Under such conditions, the parent country 
might be glad to get rid of the drain on Federal aid money.  Once 
free of a country with a Bill of Rights and so fourth, the police force
goes hyper-military.  Rob a bank, they run down your getaway car with a
tank.  Shoot a cop, they come after you with attack choppers. High speed
chases get strafed by jets.  Drug dealers get shot with gatling lasers
on sight.  
Result:  The Enforcers, a police force better equipped than most armies.
Once the criminal element is dealt with, the economy picks back up,
the city gets rebuilt, and it can afford to keep all the hardware.

Plus, the parent country will start trying to get it's "orphan"
back.  Hmm.  So, maybe some of the "supervillians" we've seen are
actually being sponsored by somebody who'd *like* to see MKC run
into temporary economic difficulties and have to merge back.  
Can anybody think of just _why_ Morbius was blowing up MKC refineries?
(He can't just like the smell of burning crude)

Main hole, of course, is where the heck the funding came from to arm
the police up to that level.  Any of the FanFic people care to 
hypothesize about some hyper-rich Kat who, say, had his family slaughtered
by scum, and left his entire fortune to the MKC Police Dept just before
dying of a gunshot would?  A hotshot young Feral ramrods a proposal
for a new division of super-police down the throat of a lazy bum
mayor who mostly got elected because nobody gave a darn about who was the
leader of the worthless abandoned city.  Said mayor manages to take 
credit for turning the city around, and has been in perpetual office
ever since, despite his tendency to play golf all day.

Okay folks, it's a theory.  Go ahead and tear holes in it!

                                           Daniel PAwtowski