Subject: Re: Swat Kats World
From: Chris Tom Cimafranca
Date: 9/12/1996 7:36 AM

Dana Uehara wrote:
(Hey, for all we know the Kats and Road Rovers could be on the same
planet!  Yeah, *riiiight*...)

	You Knew I'd Reply To That Theroy - NO, Sorry The Rovers
	Are NOT On The Same Planet As The Kats, What Are You Trying
	To Do To Me, Give Me Another Nightmare About tED tURNER !
	(Goes Into Yet Another Nightmare About tED tURNER)

	tED (Talking To The Lawyers From Where Ever)
		Let's Put Rovers On The New SWAT Kats Show !

	Kats Fans

	Chris T.(bone) Cimafranca
		 ^^^^ Who Now Has Really Weird Ideas For
			The War On Atlanta : The Sequel

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