Subject: Re: Swat Kats World
From: (DJ Clawson)
Date: 9/12/1996 7:19 PM

At 07:18 PM 9/12/96 -0400, you wrote:
Would  Katworld have a UC [United Cities], equivilent of the UN?

Just a little input on what I do in my fanfictions:

    In the upcoming "X-File #10-1115" it *is* discussed. Megakat City (and
Faroe Lake, a nearby place that appeared in "Wild Side of Feral" and in mine
[though in "Awakenings" it was called Lake Ortae--that's an error]) is part
of a bigger country, similar to the US and may even *be* the US, and it
*does* have an FBI and CIA. Where do you think Mulder and Scully come from? 
    There's a scene (this is, BTW, an offical X-Files crossover) where
Mulder is talking to Skinner about jurisdiction over the case in Megakat
City, and says, "Megakat City, sir? Aren't they independent?"
    The deal (as explained in the fanfiction) is certain cities,
megatropolises to be exact, have been forced to upgrade their 'police' to a
more military level, to battle day-to-day supervillians and all that crazy
stuff we just don't get here on earth. So they declared themelves
independent--though they never once broke away from the country, but they've
upgraded their enforcer system to a point where they don't need to call in
the marines every time Dr. Viper or Dark Kat shows up (do you think NYC
could defend from one of those without the National Guard?). They're
technically part of the country, but rarely let the larger gov't interfer
with personal matters, such as laws and law enforcment.
     Mulder is questioning why the FBI is getting called in on a homicide
case for Megakat City, and Skinner's reply is they've requested help, being
a) they're too busy with all the problems with supervillians to handle the
petty crimes occasionally and b) some of the murders take place in Faroe
Lake, also independent, which means the jurisdiction is no longer
centralized over one enforcer department.

Did that make any sense?

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