Subject: Re: Swat Kats World
From: (Robert)
Date: 9/12/1996 9:35 AM

<snippity snip>

Ann Gora said in "Enter The Madkat" that "Megakat City has no king...
just a *mayor*!"  My impression is that the role of "mayor" is more
that of a status than a functional office, like Great Britain, especially
since Callie does most, if not all, of the legwork for Manx, whose
primary occupations are golf and trying to get foreign investors
interested in his projects in the city.  (Which brings up the question
- -- where *do* the foreign investors come from, anyway?)

Hmm... good question. The foreign investors that made occasional
appearances seemed like siamese cats. On Earth they would probably be from
some sort of Asian country (just a guess...) Sooo.... I suppose that makes
them from the Far East (probably a kat Japan or China, since they're
investing abroad!)

My $0.02 worth,

Charlotte Beavers