Subject: SWAT Kats / Road Rovers
From: Chris Tom Cimafranca
Date: 9/11/1996 3:36 PM

Okay, I'm Gonna Clear This Up, Right Now !

	My Last Post Was A Jab At How tED tURNER Thinks,
	He Would Make The Leap That Road Rovers Is The
	Same As SWAT Kats ! (I Beg To Differ But, I Am
	Talking About The tEDster's Way Of Thinking.)
	He May Have Seen It, But Still Would Think That
	The Two We're Alike, Despite The Facts !
	(We Know What The Facts Are, We Don't Need To 
	Post Them For All The World To See.) Anyhow,
	tED Would Use The Show As A 'I Was Right And
	You Were Wrong.' If The Show Fails, But If The
	Show Succeeds, We Could Also Use It For 'We
	Were Right, You Were Wrong.' See It Works Both
	Ways, That's Why The Rant Had To Happen. If
	Rovers Fails Big Time, tED Would Also Use It
	As An Excuese Not To Bring Back Kats !

	(Based On A Nightmare I Just Had, Scary !)

	I Refuse To Bring Back SWAT Kats !

			Kats Fans
	Oh, What Is It This Time ?

	Road Rovers Failed, And It's The Same !

			Kats Fans
	No It's Not The Same, They Are As Different
	As Night And Day, Black And White, Kats And
	Dogs. (Bad Pun, Kill Chris, Down Boy !)

	I Don't Care ! (Oh My God, The Truth !)

	(I'll Stop There, The Nightmare Gets Worse.)

	Chris T.(bone) Cimafranca
		 ^^^^ Has Had Nightmares Over The 
			Past Few Days, All With
				tED In Them, I'm
					Afraid !
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