Subject: Re: Swat Kats World
From: (Dana Uehara)
Date: 9/11/1996 9:53 PM

Faolchuu writes:
Assuming the rest of the world would be based on the real world,
Megakat could be based on an American settlement in a former American
territory, now independent. 

In "When Strikes Mutilor" the Aqueans (sp?) were originally written to
have been humans, which would have indicated that Megakat City isn't on
Earth, tho probably on an Earthlike planet.

Megakat City to me seems more like a metropolis, sort of like Gotham
City is for Batman.  I'd say that it isn't a particular city per se
(Megakat State Beach, for example, is very much like Malibu, while
Alkatraz Island is clearly based off Alcatraz Island in the San
Francisco Bay area), however; it's rather a conglomerate of different

It could have been called Megakat because over a million settlers came
in a very short period of time.

Or because Megakat City's a megapolis, comprised of nothing but kats
(as possibly compared to the rest of the planet), which would give it
the basis for its name.  (Hey, for all we know the Kats and Road Rovers
could be on the same planet!  Yeah, *riiiight*...)

Or maybe Megakat's location and executive political situation are never
supposed to be explained to viewers.

Ann Gora said in "Enter The Madkat" that "Megakat City has no king...
just a *mayor*!"  My impression is that the role of "mayor" is more
that of a status than a functional office, like Great Britain, especially
since Callie does most, if not all, of the legwork for Manx, whose
primary occupations are golf and trying to get foreign investors
interested in his projects in the city.  (Which brings up the question
-- where *do* the foreign investors come from, anyway?)

Those are my theories. ^_^

And they could be perfectly valid, for all we know!  ;-)