Subject: The New Swat Kats Page...
From: "" <>
Date: 1/1/1996 1:30 PM

As you probablly all know, or you don't, I'm taking over the swat kats page
in! The URL is   
Wellll.. the page includes almost all the pics... The main ones...
Containes the FAQ, episode list, and sounds.. The movies.. emmmm.. looks
like i'm running outta disk space..!! welllll.. if anybody wants any of the
movies.. i'll attach them to him via e-maill... fair..?! i hope so..!!
okay..!! the page is up right now..!! not totally.. i'm gonna try updating
it.. adding a new layout to it and stuff.. but it's still there..!! okay..
all ya swat kats fans.!! go check it out..!!

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