Subject: Introduction: Mike Kosior
From: Sky Lynx
Date: 8/26/1995 10:37 PM

Hi there,

	I've been lurking for quite some time, a month or better. I
figured it was about time I introduce myself :) 

	My name's Mike and I've been a SWAT Kats fan since, well, since
June. I've been collecting animated shows that caught my attention, and
needless to say, after work one day, my attention was caught at 4:30 on
Cartoon Network. Surely enough I started taping SWAT Kats immediately,
(although I didn't manage to compile my complete collection before
SWAT Kats was taken off and moved to Saturday at 2 only :( I managed to
pick up a T-bone and Razor figure at Toys R Us and was gonna tell you
guys about em, but I was there last weekend and they were al sold
out :( Anyhow, my interests include: SWAT Kats (naturally :),
Transformers, Godzilla (NOT the cartoon), NASCAR, and a whole assortment
of obscure and miniscuele shows and movies that no one in their right
mind would pay any attention to :)

SWAT Kats wise:

My favorite episode is Mutation City.

My favorite Kat is T-bone (although I think Razor's pretty cool too :)

Currents Projects:

Working on a web page dedicated to T-bone: I only have main page and one
of the links done right now. If  you wanna check it out it's at:

	Note: The only hypertext that works currently is the tbone link.

Untitled Fanfic: Transformers meet the SWAT Kats. That's right folx a
crossover :) Just sit there and imagine what Hard Drive would do to a
walking war  machine :)

While I'm currently taking a long needed break from MUSHing, I am
Themehead at Transformers 2: MUSH (Trypticon) and play Sky Lynx at
Transfomers: 2005 MUSH. When I will be returning to either place is
currently unclear, but if anyone is looking for info on either of these
places I'll happily send along any info I have. Although, when/if I
return to the world of MUSHing, those will be the places to contact me
if anyone is desiring to speak to me one on one :)

Now, while my fellow Transformers fans might call me a range of insults,
"Blasphamer, Betrayer, Crazy, you get the picture" after being involved
with Transformers since 1983, I will go on record in saying, it pales in
comparison to SWAT Kats. While I still dedicate a good portion of my
time (and money) to Transformers (it's difficult  to give up a 13 year
hobby :) one might lable me as a Kat Konvert :) I look forward to being
an active member of the list, and praying every night that Kats return
to the tele. While some Kats fans maybe be hesitant to believe that
their return to TV is a realistic possibility, I would cite
Transformers as a good example of what a bunch of fans can do if they
refuse to let something die. Transformers (while now called Beast Wars)
is back on the air and gaining popularity as we speak. There's no
reason this cannot happen for Kats, and frankly, with the loyal base I
see before me, I think it has a real good Chance. (ok it's it's a bad
pun) :)