To extract .7z files, get 7-zip.

I put these up here to share them with everyone, there is no need to ask permission for using them. It would be appreciated if you gave credit to us where possible, don't just pretend to everyone that you made the things in our world.

If it is something like a world download site that gives you money for downloads, obviously we would have issue with you directly profiting on our work. The intent of us sharing the worlds is that people will use them for their servers, role play on them, make something new based on our work, and stuff like that.

If you paste something from here into your own server, put a sign on it saying it was taken from Just make it so anyone that sees it won't just assume that you made it, however you want to do that. I realize I can't enforce that, but if you do give credit, it would be a great sign of respect and appreciation.

Fire spread, ice/snow melting and leaf decay is disabled on the server, so be careful if you load these in single player.

You can install a Minecraft server with the plugins we were using (such as preventing ice melting, or having warps) by clicking here

[ICO]NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

[PARENTDIR]Parent Directory  -  
[DIR]install-2016-05-28/2018-11-11 12:28 -  
[DIR]oldworlds/2023-05-16 03:23 -  
[DIR]warps/2018-11-11 12:29 -  
[   ]breezie.20160529-0401-full.7z2016-05-29 22:40 6.3MBreezie's world
[TXT]brohoof-worlds-info.html2023-08-01 21:13 4.6K 
[   ]canterlot2.20160529-0401-full.7z2016-05-29 22:40 18MCanterlot 2
[   ]cloudsdale2.20160529-0401-full.7z2016-05-29 22:40 15MCloudsdale
[   ]equestria5.20160529-0401-full.7z2016-05-29 22:40 185MEquestria
[   ]fallouteq4.20160529-0401-full.7z2016-05-29 22:40 113MFallout Equestria
[   ]manehattan.20160529-0401-full.7z2016-05-29 22:40 27MManehattan
[   ]plains.20160529-0401-full.7z2016-05-29 22:40 186MFreebuild for builders only
[   ]ponyspawn2.20160529-0401-full.7z2016-05-29 22:40 7.2MSpawn world
[   ]quiz.20160529-0401-full.7z2016-05-29 22:40 47MQuiz World
[   ]range10.20160529-0401-full.7z2016-05-29 22:40 6.0MFreebuild world
[   ]range9.20160529-0401-full.7z2016-05-29 22:40 130MFreebuild world
[   ]schematics.20160529-0401.7z2016-07-13 01:57 23MSchematics files used on the server
[   ]space.20160529-0401-full.7z2016-05-29 22:40 464KWorld for doing admin promotions
[   ]submissions.7z2016-05-29 22:40 3.5MSubmissions world
[   ]tardis.20160529-0401-full.7z2016-05-29 22:40 3.3MTardis world, used for some interiors
[   ]tartarus.20160529-0401-full.7z2016-05-29 22:40 6.3MWhere bad ponies go when they die

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